Wednesday, September 9, 2009

One overcast day, we (Lee, Lucas, Antonie, Tyler, Jasmin, Jen, Casi, Jasper, Laura, Cassie, Sophie, Mellie, Julie, and Solo) were taken out for an adventure. After a rollercoaster ride we arrived at a stunning, sunny island, N... We were dropped off on its white sands, with its blue waters, and all promptly fell about in the sun. After we had sufficiently soaked up the rays, we went for a wander around the island. It was picture perfect the whole way round, and we were back at the starting point in 10 minutes. Back to the sun, sand and sea, with Mellie cutting coconuts for all. A quick lunch, more beach side fun, and then there was just enough time for a snorkel. The reef was beautiful and colourful, and fish were a plenty. We even saw a couple of sharks and followed a turtle on its travels. Mellie being Mellie speared a fabulous fish for dinner. Then there was just a short boat ride home to finish off the day. It really was as special as everyone told us it would be. Thanks guys for a great day!