Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wakeboarding, skurfing, fishing

On Saturday new arrivals Tim and Lewis went for a surf and scored a couple of quick 4-5ft rides before the wind picked up. With the surf dropping off, along with Glenn from Ireland, they went trawling with local chief Ratu. Whilst following a load of diving birds offshore from Maqai they had some successes, pulling in a barracuda and a skipjack tuna! Awesome weather made for a great day out on the water, but little luck was had as they went on fishing eastwards past Laucala with the Ringgold Atolls in sight. Chasing yellowfin tuna proved tricky! They came back stoked and with tonights dinner in hand!
With the surf still disappointing yesterday we headed to the leeward side of Qamea and Samu arranged for some wakeboarding in the bay. With villagers watching the pressure was definitely on, but everyone got up and riding. The surfboard was cracked out and after some quick on-the-fly lessons we were up and making cutbacks off the wake. A stunnign backdrop was provided as the sun lit up the jungle-clad hills encompassing the bay. Snorkelling in the afternoon and a kava sesh in the evening made for an end to a perfect few days.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Awesome waves "out of season"

Chris, Julie, Penni and Tim scored some great waves today as the wind dropped. First a session at the reeling rights, followed by later sessions at the two lefts. Fast peeling waves, no crowd, great people, clear warm water - a perfect day in Fiji. Photos: Tim Burgess (